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Dirty Old Town - £7.50Copies of Rawlinson's report into the sanitary condition of Hexham in 1853 are rare. Through a collaboration with the Society of Antiquaries of Newcastle we have been able to publish the report in facsimile. The report makes for a fascinating read and gives a real insight into the lives of Hexham's residents 160 odd years ago.  You can buy it directly through this web site (click here) or at any of our meetings in Hexham.

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 A Pack of Idle Sparks [Preview this book here]
Letters from Hexham on the Church, the People, Corruption and Scandal, 1699-1740
“Miserable sinners”, “a vile crew”, and “a pack of idle sparks”: just some of the descriptions of people in eighteenth century Hexham used by the Northumberland town's clergy. The moral conduct of the people was subject to the church courts, presided over in the Archbishopric of York’s Peculiar of Hexhamshire by the Reverends George Ritschel and his successor as Lecturer of Hexham, Thomas Andrewes. Their letters to the diocesan registrars in York discuss the misdemeanours of parishioners and clergy, marriages and wills, the constant scramble for money, petty feuds and corruption, the perilous state of the church fabric and many other aspects of church court probate, licence and correctional business. This fascinating but little known collection is now published for the first time. Accompanied by additional letters by George Ritschel held in other collections, selected extracts from the Peculiar’s surviving church court papers and accounts, explanatory footnotes, a full introduction, and biographies of the main correspondents and their subjects, this fully indexed work sheds new light on the social history of eighteenth century Northumberland. It will be of great interest to students of church, social, family, and local history, and the general reader, and will provide new material for researchers for years to come. [more]

The Black Book of Hexham

The Black Book of Hexham is a major source for the social, agrarian and landscape history of the northern counties of medieval England. Containing a detailed survey of the Priory's estates in 1379, it has until now been available only in an obscure Victorian Latin transcription of the lost original document. This volume is the first full English translation, complete with extensive supporting commentary, an authoritative introduction and glossary. It is accompanied by translations of a large selection of additional medieval charters, grants and other records of the Priory's property alongside the Dissolution survey of 1536. The collection sheds unrivalled light on the development of a significant monastic estate in the northern counties through to the end of the medieval period. It will be an indispensable guide to students of the medieval economy and society in the north of England, and of wide appeal to those interested in the history of Tynedale, Northumberland, Durham, Cumberland and Yorkshire.
In this volume Professor Richard Britnell of Durham has brought to bear his great knowledge of medieval economic and social history and its source material, ably assisted by Dr Claire Etty and Dr Andy King, scholars who share his understanding of the northern counties. [more]

Hexham in the Seventeenth Century

Anna Rossiter's study of the economy, society and government of a northern market town is now available in hardback and softback from our online printers.Hexham in the Seventeenth Century is now available in digital format as an immediate download from our Digital Sales page.  Members may purchase the book from here and take advantage of the generous membership discount.  If you would like to become a member of the Society please follow this link.

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The Hexham Historian: the annual journal of the Society

Hexham Historian Index - Issues 1 to 23

Hexham Historian Index - Issues 1 to 23 (1991-2013) This download is available in both Word and PDF format at the bottom of this page.

Hexham Historian 23 (2013) The Early English architecture of Hexham Abbey; Meg of Mumps Hall; Prehistory in the Tynedale landscape north of Hadrian's Wall; Edward Rotheram RN; Jacob Walton and the Pont Head and Grindon Hill lead mining trials.  £6.00

Hexham Historian 22 (2012) Hexham's leatherworking industry; The rebuilding of Hexham Abbey House in the 1790s; The Irish gent and his strumpet: the story of Hercules Burleigh; A domestic conversation; History writing in the 2th century; The green man in Hexham Abbey.  £6.00

Hexham Historian 21 (2011) Under the unlawful defence of some mighty person; Two Hexham ballads; The medieval paintings of Hexham abbey; Hexham's first historian: Andrew Biggs Wright; John Grey and the Dilston-based Greenwich Hospital Estates; Where there's a will; Index to issues 16-20.  £6.00

Hexham Historian 20 (2010) From Bilbao to Hexham; "This barbarous and irreligious contry"; The history of a house 3: Maiden Cross; Towards a history of Protestant dissent in Hexham; Hexham and the Royal Forestry Society.  £6.00

Hexham Historian 19 (2009)  The diary of Elizabeth Gill; A century of two Hexham churches; A note on the early photographic career of J P Gibson; Witherite mining in Tynedale; A short history of Hexham railway station; Was Hexham fortified?: The "watchtower" and town walls.  £6.00 

Hexham Historian 18 (2008) Obituary of Rodney Higgins; Robbs: the building of a business; Hexham Hydro's Winter Gardens; Shopkeepers to Hexham: the Welches of Hexham; Dotland deserted; The tale of Uchtred; The birth of Egger.  £6.00

Hexham Historian 17 (2007) Obituaries of Tom Corfe, Anna Rossiter, L C Coombes & Brian Jenkins; Sport, war & business: the three sons of James T Robb; Silly Burn Mine; The history of a house 2: The Larches; Two contested 19th century elections; The Ordnance Survey: a history.  £6.00

Hexham Historian 16 (2006) Wayside crosses; Clock and watchmakers of Hexham; How many rioters were there?; The history of a house; Suffragettes in Hexham; Pattinsons of Hexham - and beyond.  £6.00

Hexham Historian 15 (2005) The Roman bridge at Corbridge: "the work of giants"; The Hagulstadian church: some notes on early Hexham; A load of old cobblers: Hexham shoemakers in the 17th and 18th centuries; The Great Flood of 1771 in Hexham; Two Hexham iron works; Only fools and horses: Gallipoli 1915.   £6.00

Hexham Historian 14 (2004) Order, disorder and criminal activity in Medieval Northumberland; Two militia lists (1762 & 1803) for Hexham; The Society of Shoemakers; Hexham Hydro - a chronological history; Soldiers who died in the Great War. £6.00

Hexham Historian 13 (2003) The Hospital of St Giles at Hexham; Eilaf's vision: Scots, saints and Hexham historians; Border warfare and Hexhamshire in the Later Middle Ages; 1841 and a revolution in Hexham's townscape.  £6.00

Hexham Historian 12 (2002) The Wars of the Roses in Northumberland, 1461-64; Hexham Mechanics' Literary and Scientific Institution; The Rev John G Bowran and the building of Hexham Primitive Methodist Church; The 1853 cholera outbreak in Hexham; Death in Hexham in the late 16th and 17th centuries: what we can learn from the records; Death in the Tyne valley.  £5.00

Hexham Historian 11 (2001) The end of Hexham Priory; Holmes, sweet Holmes; The origins of Hexham Hydro; Memoirs of Hexham Hydro; Restoration of Hexham Abbey: Savage versus Lockhart.  £5.00

Hexham Historian 10 (2000) A decade of archaeology in Hexham; A house in Hexhamshire: recent investigations of The Tenement, Steel; Hexham cinemas; Life in a Hexham street: Priestpopple, Cattle Market, Battle Hill; Economic & social indicators for Hexham: an analysis of the 1851 & 1861 censuses.  £6.00

Hexham Historian 9 (1999) From Grammar School to High School: Queen Elizabeth's Grammar School from the foundation to the mid-nineteenth century; A new school for a new century; Hexham Grammar School, 1910-1976; After 400 years - the present achievement; The school song.  £6.00

Hexham Historian 8 (1998) The archaeology of Warden Hill; The queen and the robber: a Hexham story; Joseph Catherall of the Hexham Courant, 1839-1881; Two (1872 & 1935) contemporary accounts of poor housing.  £4.50

Hexham Historian 7 (1997) Before Wilfrid: Britons, Romans and Anglo-Saxons in Tynedale.   Conference papers: The Romans in Tynedale; Roman roads and bridges in Tynedale; The aftermath of Rome; An Anglo-Saxon watermill at Corbridge; Bernicia before Wilfrid; The Battle of Heavenfield; Hexham before Wilfrid?  £6.00

Hexham Historian 6 (1996) Medieval Bingfield; The government of Hexham in the 17th Century; A school board for Hexham.  £2.50

Hexham Historian 5 (1995) The place-name Hexham; Hexham after the Vikings; The medieval topography of Hexham; Mapping Medieval Acomb; The two William Hewsons; The growth of Hexham in the 1890s; Regional government headquarters.  £3.00

Hexham Historian 4 (1994) Special edition covering all aspects of the history of the Cockshaw area of Hexham - particular coverage of the leather trade.  £5.00

Hexham Historian 3 (1993)  Excavations at Hexham Abbey, Jan/Feb 1993; The Inspeximus of 1298; Bridging the Tyne at Hexham in the eighteenth century; Sir Percy Loraine of Kirkharle; Wilfrid Wilson Gibson: profile of a Hexham poet.  £3.00

Hexham Historian 2 (1992) Two wells; Sundials around Hexham; The dating of High Shield; The Ranters in Hexhamshire; A day in the life of the Borough Court.  £2.00

Hexham Historian 1 (1991) War memorials; A museum for Hexham?; Hexham excavations, 1990; Dr Joseph Parker; St Mary's Chare; The Gentleman's Magazine, 1755; How Hexham got its name.  £3.00



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Hexham Historian index to issues 1-23 (1991-2013) downloads: 6571 | type: pdf | size: 371 kB

PDF version of the cumulative index to the Hexham Historian.

Hexham Historian index to issues 1-23 (1991-2013)downloads: 6059 | type: doc | size: 557 kB

Word format version of the cumulative index to the Hexham Historian


Occasional Publications Series

 12 Greg Finch (2013) A Pack of Idle Sparks, Letters from Hexham on the Church, the people, corruption and scandal 1699-1740 - Hardback £27, Softback £18 - available to order on line [follow this link] or from Amazon

 11 Richard Britnell, Claire Etty and Andy King (2011) The Black Book of Hexham, A Northern Monastic Estate in 1379 - Hardback £30, Softback £18 - available to order on line [follow this link] or from Amazon

 10 Mark Benjamin (2010) A Hexham timeline  £1.90 (available from local booksellers: a fuller and updated version will be online soon)

 9 Rossiter (2010) Hexham in the Seventeenth Century: economy, society and government in a northern market town  Various prices.

 8  Jennings (2007) Canon Sidney Savage: cleric and man of action  £4.50

7  Corfe (2006) Hexham lives.   164 biographical sketches  £12.50

6  Jennings (2005) Hexham 1854-1939: local government in a market town  £19.99

5  Jennings et al (2005) The heart of all England: Hexham's story in original documents  £14.00

4  Jennings & Jennings (2004) Hexham cemetery: a place of charm and historic interest.   Please note that this title is not sold by the Society.   Copies may be purchased from Hexham Town Council Offices, St Andrew's Cemetery, West Road, Hexham NE46 3RR

3  Finding out: a brief guide to researching the history of Hexham (2002)   £2.50

2  Dallison & Jennings (2001) Vanishing Hexham street and place names   £2.00 (digital sales only)

1  Oliver (2001) Aydon Castle in the 1920s  £3.50

Other publications sold by the Society

Corfe (2nd rev edn 2005) Hexham heritage  £6.50

Hexham walks: a guide to the centre of Hexham (2003)   £0.45

Hexham walks: a guide to essential Hexham (2003) £0.50

Chapman (2004) A walk back in time: a guide to Hexham's buildings   £2.75


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