The HLHS runs an active series of evening talks during the year, with presentations given on historical topics of interest by a variety of invited experts including academics, authors and members of the HLHS. Talks are open to non-members of the HLHS (for a small fee), and you will have a chance to meet and have a cup of coffee or tea with HLHS members.


Hexham is surrounded by sites of historical interest, and the Society organises trips to sites during the summer months.Transport is often part of the organisation, albeit in a more modern form of transport than that shown in the image. Trips are open to non-members if space permits.


From time to time HLHS members undertake projects, such as transcription projects that digitise old historical content. Details of such projects can be found by clicking here.

Book ShopPublications

HLHS publishes books and other documents associated with Hexham and its history. These are available (e.g. for purchase or download) in the Book Shop section of the web site, along with back issues of the Society’s annual journal,  Hexham Historian. PDF files for the contents of the Hexham Historian and an index are available.