The HLHS normally runs a monthly series of 8 evening talks each year on a variety of topics. Invited speakers give a talk in Hexham on a topic of historical interest. Sadly, coronavirus curtailed the planned 2020 series of talks. Those that were given are listed below

After a successful experiment with an additional talk presented online using Zoom, where over 50 members participated, two of the speakers planned for 2020 have agreed to give their talks using Zoom. The talk details are below.

These Zoom-based talks are only available to members of HLHS. Members who receive HLHS announcements by email will automatically receive the talk details, and (separately) the invitation to the Zoom talk a few days before the event. Members who currently are not on the announcements email list and who want to watch the Zoom talks are invited to send their email address to – tips for using Zoom are available here. If you’d like to join the HLHS, details are here.

If you would like to see the range of fascinating talks that have been given in previous years, please click here.

2021 Talks

Details of the talks being arranged for 2021 will appear here.

Pre-Covid19 Talks or Zoom Online Talks You’ve Missed in 2020

14 January 2020 Reservoir Digs: a later Mesolithic site at Cows Green Dr Rob Young

Dr Rob Young will describe the excavations which took place near Cows Green reservoir in County Durham. His interpretation of the findings widens our knowledge of people and their lives in Upper Teesdale during the late Mesolithic era.

7:30 pm, Trinity Methodist Church Hall, Beaumont Street, Hexham NE46 3LS (Scroll to Google map)

11 February 2020 The Print Trade in 18th Century Newcastle Dr Barbara Crosbie

Newcastle upon Tyne emerged as one of the most important printing centres in England during the 18th century. Ranging from shop receipts and advertising flyers, to children’s books, political ballads, local histories, and several rival newspapers, these texts open a fascinating window on the past.

7:30 pm, Trinity Methodist Church Hall, Beaumont Street, Hexham NE46 3LS (Scroll to Google map)

10 March 2020 The Ghosting of Anne Armstrong  Prof. Michael Green

The Ghosting of Anne Armstrong calls up the lost voice of a fourteen-year-old Northumbrian girl who, between January and May 1673, made some of the most dramatic accusations in the history of English witchcraft and then disappeared, leaving behind the mystery of what drove her to insist, in the face of rejection after rejection, on telling so strange a story—ultimately at the cost of her own life. Professor Green’s novel is the result of exhaustive archive research.

7:30 pm, Trinity Methodist Church Hall, Beaumont Street, Hexham NE46 3LS (Scroll to Google map)

24 September 2020 – An Extra Online Talk  Skulduggery in Tudor Hexhamshire: The Aydon Shields Land dispute  Greg Finch

A first experiment at delivering an online talk via Zoom was presented by Greg Finch to over 50 HLHS members.

13 October 2020 The Criminal Corpse in Pieces: from Death to Afterlife Dr Shane McCorristine

A condemned criminal’s story did not end with execution: Dr Shane McCorristine examines what he has described as ‘the dark value of criminal bodies’.

7:30 pm, talk to be presented via Zoom.

10 November 2020 The First Kingdom (& HLHS AGM)  Max Adams

In his latest book about the Dark Ages, The First Kingdom, Max Adams takes on the most enigmatic and fascinating period of British history, between the end of Rome and the arrival of Christianity in the North. Max offers us a people’s history, painting a vivid picture of communities surviving the fall of Rome, fashioning a new sort of society whose traces can be read in the settlements, fields, names and boundaries that survive for archaeologists to study.

The talk will be preceded by the HLHS AGM.

7:30 pm, talk to be presented via Zoom.