Zoom Instructions

Zoom Instructions

Installing Zoom

If you have not used Zoom from your device before, the easiest way to get access is to download and install it, for free. Go to https://zoom.us/ and click on the ‘Sign up, its free’ button toward the top right of your screen and follow the instructions from there, which sets up your account. It would be a good idea to do this a day or two before the meeting so that you’re ready.

Using Zoom to attend the meeting

You will receive an invitation to the email address we have on record for you a few days before the event. For online security purposes please do not share the invitation with anyone else. When you click on the invitation link (we recommend 10-15 minutes before the scheduled start time) you will be asked for the passsword, successful entry of which will take you to the meeting. Here is a link to a Zoom help page with further links to written instructions for all devices, and a short video showing how to join a Zoom meeting. Please note that Zoom will impose a limit of 100 attendees. We think this will be ample, given that we have many joint memberships. First come, first served!

  • Your microphone will be muted when you join the meeting. You can check this by hovering your mouse on the bottom of the Zoom screen and making sure that your microphone icon has a red bar across it. This is to avoid background noise, as computer microphones can be very sensitive.
  • At the top of the screen on the right, there is an icon showing the current view: Speaker View or Gallery View. Speaker View is the most appropriate for a presentation.
  • If your network connection is not very good (e.g. the speaker’s face keeps freezing and the sound coming to you has a time-lag), try turning off your video. You can do this by hovering your mouse at the bottom of your Zoom window and making sure your camera icon has a red bar across it.This reduces the amount of data your connection has to support and may significantly improve your experience. Your name still appears in a box, but not your picture. If you choose to appear in video, remember that everyone in the meeting will be able to see you!
  • You can type in questions you would like to ask using the ‘chat’ function. To do this hover your mouse over the bottom of the Zoom window and press the ‘chat’ icon. You can type questions at any time. By default, your questions will be visible by everyone. If you have a technical question, please select MarkRG in the To: field. Questions will be monitored by our team and either answered with a typed reply or held to be read out to the speaker at the end of the talk.

Using Zoom on Your Mobile Phone

We have been told you can use Zoom on your mobile phone to dial-in and connect to a meeting. We don’t have any details, but suggest you look at the Zoom website if you wish to find out more.