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We have some notes in files from the late Colin Dallison which I’m still processing. However, I’ve managed to find some snippets which I’ve pasted below. These snippets seem to cross-reference other items that are somewhere in the files that we have. I haven’t yet quite figured out how this cross-referencing works, so the snippets are just posted as-is, but I’ve included all of the relevant ones that I could find.

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There was a private school that included the name “Alexander.

Alexander. [See also Edwards and Ladies’ Seminary.]
1879: Alexander Elizabeth (Mrs.), ladies’ school, Battle hill Post Office Directory, 1879, p.624.
1881: In Census returns.
1884: Mrs Alexander’s ladies’ boarding school in Battle Hill was the highest user of water after large
businesses. Hexham 1854-1939, Jennings, 2005, p.67.
1886: Alexander Mrs. Elizabeth, ladies’ boarding school, Battle hill. Bulmer’s Directory, 1886, p.351.

Battle Hill – see also: Alexander, Cooke, Hall, Hexham Modern, Ladies’ Seminary – (Is that another name for the School?)

1889. Battlehurst, Hexham. Mrs and Miss Edwardes (successors to Mrs T. Alexander) ….
pupils prepared for Cambridge, College of Preceptors and other local exams. Hex. Cour. 19.1.1889 – Advert,
1889. Prizes and entertainment evening at “Battlehurst Collegiate School”. Hex. Cour. Advert. 21.12.1889.
1892. Teachers at Battlehurst School, Hexham, entertained children by enacting the months of the
year, with references to calendar events such as Easter and bonfire night. Hex. Cour. 15.12.2017, p.20 -125
Years Ago,
1894. British and Foreign Bible Society. Contributions for the year to March 1894. Schools.
Miss Edwards’ £4 15s. 6d. Hexham Parish Mag. July 1894.
1896. Edwards Fanny D. (Mrs.) & The Misses, ladies’ school, Battlehurst. 1896 O.S. map, 1988 reprint by
Alan Godfrey.
1899. Thorough English Education. Preparation for Cambridge and other Local Examinations.
Private Lessons in Drawing …. &c. Class for Little Boys. Hex. Herald 20.5.1899 – Advert.
1901. Miss Adeline Edwards, Age 34, Hallstyle Bank, Principal; Miss Julia Edwards, Age 32,
Principal. Number of pupils 19. Census return, Hexham 1854-1939, Table 24, Jennings, 2005, p.174.
1902. The girls of the Misses Edwards’ School came most regularly [to the Abbey Parish Mission
services]. Hex. Par. Mag. Apr. p.26.
1907. Preparatory School for Girls and Boys. Principal – Miss Edwards. Private Lessons in
Drawing and Painting …. &c. Hex. Herald, 9.11.1907.

Ladies’ Seminary, Battle Hill.
1861. Margaret Charlton, widow, aged 60; Elizabeth Charlton, unmarried, aged 35, teacher
(daughter of Margaret).
1871. Elizabeth Alexander (n´e Charlton), wife of Thomas, watchmaker, teacher.
1881. Elizabeth Alexander, schoolmistress, Principal.
1886. see under Alexander.