Reply To: Hexham Soup Kitchen

Pete Lee

Further to Mark’s comments on the “Letters” Inn, I have found other Colin Dallison files that refers to the Letters, albeit not entirely clearly. The notes state:

Gilesgate – Letters, 1822
Market Place – Letters. One in 1822. Three in 1834.
Quatre Bras – Board 1827. Letters 1846. Board 1855. (Maybe this was a single premesis that changed its name?)
Tyne Green – Letters 1822. Balls 1827. Letters 1834-1848. Board 1855. Sportsman’s Rest 1864.

Another file contained:
Letters, Quatrebras. 1841: William Sharpe, 55, innkeeper Family memories, 2014.
1847 Feb 9: Tilley, Jas full age (bach) innkeeper Quatre Bras son of Walter tailor married
Hogarth Mary full age (spinster) Quatre Bras dau of Wm lamb. Marriages Register, Hexham Parish.
1847 Aug 15: Tilley James son of James innkeeper & Mary of Quatre Bras near Hexham.
Baptisms Register, Hexham Parish. 1848: Quatreblas, James Tillie. Slater’s p.844.

And another file contained:
Letters, Gilesgate. 1822: Mary Oliver. Pigot’s p.583.

Letters, Market Place. 1822: Ann Phipps. Pigot’s p.583. 1834: Matthew Lee. Pigot’s.

Letters, Market Place. 1834: Wm. Middleton. Pigot’s.

Letters, Market Place. 1834: James Wright. Pigot’s.

Letters, Quatre bras. See The Board.
Letters, Tyne Green. 1822: Joseph Reed. Pigot’s p.583.
Balls, Tyne Green. 1827: Joseph Reed. Parson & White’s Directory, p.440.
Letters. 1834: William Sharp. Pigot’s. 1848: William Short. Slater’s, p.844.
Board, Tyne Green. 1855: John Gilhespy. Whellan’s p.843. 1858: Porteous Robert, The
Board, & Market Gardener. Post Office Directory of Northumberland and Durham.
Sportsman’s Rest, Tyne green. 1864: W. Hamilton. Slater’s Directory, p.742. 1865: Thomas
Hamilton, public house Tyne Green. General District Rate Assessment, 26 June. 1869: To Let – The
Full-licensed Public House, “The Sportsman’s Rest” situated on Tyne Green. Hex. Cour.
19.10.1869. Same premises as Letters in 1822 & 1834?

Not sure I can see a Letters pub in the Market Place in 1848 from the above.