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Hinds’ Northumberland County History: Vol 3 Hexhamshire, has a map of Hexhamshire (Regality of Hexham) at the front. Gunnerton was historically part of the parish of Chollerton, which is in the part of the Shire north of the Tyne. The first edition OS 6 inch map shows the township boundaries, Gunnerton township and Chollerton parish both extend well beyond the Gunnerton Burn. Indeed, Gunnerton Fell is on the opposite side of the Burn to the village. Although the NCH map is rather unclear, it appears that the west boundary of the Regality is the North Tyne, so it doesn’t look as thought Gunnerton Burn is any boundary at all.
There is a detailed plan dated 1787 of the boundary of the Regality north of the Tyne at the Northumberland Archives at Woodhorn – NRO 2762/PLAN/5.