Reply To: MAUGHAN family in Havdon Bridge

Mrs Norman

Hi there

I am now Norman but was Maughan. My Mam and Dad (Sheila and Patrick were from Wallsend, Tyne and Wear and moved to Hexham, near Haydon Bridge about 25 years ago. I know we did the family tree and know that some Maughan’s had moved to Hexham in the 1800’s however, i am 52 years old and my mam is living in Haumshaugh, Hexham but my dad passed away years ago, there is only one of his siblings alive but she has dementia now.

My nana and grandad, lived in Monmouth Gardens, Wallsend, I know my grandad had a brother and I think a sister. There be no connection at all here, however just to let you know. I am sure my grandad’s brother was called Joseph

Thank you and best regards