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Martin Graham

Hi Trish,
Not sure what details you have, but l found these on Ancestry.
Census 1881:
Thomas Scott 28 Ag Farm Labourer
Georgina Scott 28
James Scott 7
Jane Scott 6
Jessie Scott 4
Barbara A Scott 1

Census 1901:
Residence Frankham Farm, Warden, Hexham
Thomas Scott 38 Ag Farm Labourer (Worker not owner.)
Georgina Scott 38
James Scott 17 Engine Driver at Quarry
Jane Scott 16
Barbara Scott 11
Charles W Scott 9
Archibald Scott 7
Tom A Scott 5

1911 Census
Residence Frankham Farm, Warden, Hexham
Thomas Scott 48 Farm Baliff (worker.)
Georgina Scott 48
James Scott 27 Farm General Labourer
Barbara A Scott 21
Charles W Scott 19 Farm General Labourer
John Aber Scott 15 Farm General Labourer
Edith Mary Scott 9
Also shows that they had 9 children, 8 survived, 1 died

Hope this helps,
Best regards