Reply To: Police Superintendent Robert Taylor

Jennifer Britton

On 1939 register (available on Findmypast and Ancestry) there is a Robert H. Taylor, police super[intendant] retired, living at 6, St Cuthbert’s Terrace Hexham. His date of birth is the 28th June 1871, who is quite likely the person you are looking for.

In 1911 he appears to be living at the Court House, Belford, Northumberland, his occupation Police Inspector, birthplace Bedlington Station
In 1901 he’s living at the Police Station, Hawthorn Road, Coxlodge, occupation Police Constable, birthplace given as Sleekburn.

He died late December 1940 aged 70 and was buried Hexham Cemetery 30th December 1940 (Section B 388, unconsecrated). His address given as 6, St Cuthbert’s Terrace, Hexham. On the cemetery register his middle name is given as Henry.

Possibly there was an obituary in the Hexham Courant, but the microfilms are unavailable for inspection at the moment owing to changes going on at Hexham Library. I will try to get a look at them next week, if that might help?

Jennifer Britton