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anthony grahame

Martin (if I may),

I was in touch with Mark Benjamin, who kindly responded as follows. I would be interested in learning more about more recent ancestors and hope that this enquiry will be the first step.

It seemed right to approach a Graham …

A starting point is:
My mother, Mary Graham, b. 12 August 1914, was born in Hexham. I believe she was the youngest of ten children.


Tony Grahame

Dear Tony

As you may be aware, the Grahams (no e!) were one of the notorious – possibly the most notorious – of the Border Reiver families who held sway over the Anglo-Scottish borders from the thirteenth century to the unification of the crowns in 1601. As part of the pacification of the region, the Grahams were transported wholesale to North America and some to Ireland. Some subsequently made their way back and the surname remains fairly common in the Tynedale area. There are two good books on the Border Reivers, by George MacDonald Fraser and Alasdair Moffatt. However, if you’re more interested in more recent ancestors I would suggest that you post your enquiry on the Notes & Queries page of our website and see what our wider membership can contribute.

Best wishes


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Dear Mark (if I may),

I spotted the news about Hexham, hence my email.

My mother, Mary Graham, b. 12 August 1914, was born in Hexham. I believe she was the youngest of ten children.

I have pics of my grandmother and grandfather, and I would be pleased to pass them on.

I added the end ‘e’ in my twenties.

My grandfather John lived with us in north London in his later days, surviving on a whisky & soda and a King Edwards every day. His eldest son, also John, emigrated to America. I met him many years ago, and met up with a sister Margaret as well.

I would be pleased to be informed of any published material that might provide information on family background.

Thank you for your consideration.

Anthony V. P. Grahame
Editorial Director
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Eastbourne BN24 9BP
United Kingdom