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Ian Hancock

The Carrs of Slaley owned the large farm called Slaley Woodfoot from the 1600s to the 1800s.
There are deeds and other papers for the farm at Northumberland Archives (NRO 1888/32, NRO 393) and a plan of the farm from 1838 (ZCL/D/83). The NRO also have the valuation of the farm when it was sold in 1845 (ZHE 38a p5). The Carrs owned at least one house in the village, as well as the farm. There is a 17th century enclosure award for the village common fields and an 18th century enclosure award for the common, which both show the extensive property of the family, both at NRO. At the NRO it is also worth looking in the list of Enrolled Deeds in the Quarter Sessions records, where I think several Carr land transactions are recorded.
There are wills for the Carrs of Slaley at the National Archives and in the Durham Probate Registry, all available on-line, and a 1838 Chancery Court Case about Woodfoot involving the will of John Carr, which is available on-line in “Cases in Chancery”, on Google Books. There is a pedigree of the extended Carr family in the Northumberland County History (also available on-line).
I have an interest in the Carrs simply because Woodfoot had a share of some ancient woodland which is my particular interest.