Anick Brewery 1870

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    Paul Finn

    Trying to find information on a brewery that would have been in or near the Anick township in 1871. My 3rd great grandfather is on the census and he worked there. Thank you. Paul

    Pete Lee

    There was a brewery at Bridge End in Hexham until about 1875, but from the information I have about Hexham brewers that is the closest I can see to Anick.

    Mark Benjamin

    As Bridge End was a hamlet within the Township of Anick, it would seem likely this is where your ancestor worked

    Jennifer Britton

    Looking at the actual census entries ‘The Brewery’ comes between Oakwood Lodge and Bridge End itself, so it must have been the one at Bridge End.
    (Oakwood Lodge lay a little to the east, on the road from Bridge End to the settlement of Anick – not actually shown on the map I’ve linked to)
    From the census it seems that the company owning the brewery were Ayton and Company.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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