Carraw Farm, Humshaugh

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    Kevin Vigars

    Good Morning

    I live at Carraw Farm, Humshaugh on the Military Road and looking for some information to back up and expand on what I have found to date in relation to the history of the farm (see below).Also if you have any extra information that would be welcome as well.

    Carraw is believed to be first recorded in the “The Black Book of Hexham” in the twelfth century as “Charrow” and then later in the assize rolls of 1279 as “Karrawe”, in the close rolls of 1280 as “Cadrere”, in the same form in the subsidy rolls of 1296 and finally in “The Black Book of Hexham” again in 1296 as “Carrawer”. The place name is thought to represent an old British plural of “carr” meaning “a rock”, or a compound of “carr” and the old English “raw” meaning “row”. The name seems to have been influenced by the middle English “quarriere” and the middle latin “quadraria”. Hence the original settlement was built on or near a row of rocks.
    Medieval documents state that the settlement had been granted to Hexham Priory in the 12th century and was used as a summer retreat for the monks at the Priory.

    I am interested in the latter especially as have been informed that monks used to walk to us and wondering if you could point me into a direction (sorry for the pun) to see if there are records of the route etc.

    Look forward to hearing from you

    Kevin Vigars

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