Fish and Chip Hut at top of Argyle Street, Hexham

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    John Armstrong

    As a child in the 1950’s, I often accompanied my father to the Tuesday Mart in Hexham. The highlight of those visits was Fish and Chips at the long hut which stands at the top end of Argyle Street. I now live in Suffolk but visit Hexham once every few years. On my first visit to the area, I was surprised to find that the hut still standing although in a state of deterioration. On subsequent visits, the decline of the building progressed but the hut remained relatively intact. My question is ‘why is the hut still there’ and what might be the future for it? When was it last in use and is the current owner known?

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    Jennifer Britton

    The long building you refer to was undoubtedly the old rope walk or ropery, which is in evidence in maps dating back to at least 1860. You can see it well on this old Ordnance Survey map and a nice old photo here

    You can find more information by visiting the Historic England website and searching ‘Hexham Ropery’ (it was listed Grade II)

    Permission was given to demolish it a few years ago, but this was tied into the re-development of the old bus station site, which appears to have ground to a halt.

    A general ‘google’ search of Hexham Ropery will give you a lot more information. It’s unclear when the cafe/fish and chip shop was last in use.

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    Pete Lee
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