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    Mark Benjamin

    We were asked the origins of the name Garland Place, at the bottom of Gilesgate. A bit of sleuthing came up with the following information

    Wood’s 1826 Town Plan of Hexham shows the plot of land bottom end of Gilesgate marked ‘Mr Garland’ The 1891 census has Edward Garland, ‘gardener’ living in Gilesgate in 1891. The Hexham Courant of 20th March 1897 records that a Mr Garland was apparently trying to build houses at Tyne Green in 1897. In 1911 a James Garland, market gardener, is living at 53 Gilesgate (i.e. very bottom end of Gilesgate – numbering now ends at 47) so probably pretty much where the present Garland Place houses are situated. It looks fairly certain, therefore, that one of the Garlands enjoyed a bit of property development and built the houses in question, naming them modestly after himself!

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