Hexham & Allendale Branch Railway

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    Chris Hayward

    Wondering if anyone has access to photos of this line when in operation they seem to very rare. Especially section between Hexham and Greenshaw Plain, where I believe there was a bridge (removed for A69 construction)

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    Pete Lee

    I don’t know if you’ve checked the Railway Gallery (https://www.hexhamhistorian.org//historic-hexham/photograph-archive/photo-archive-choices/hexham-choices/industry-and-transport-gallery/railway-gallery/), although I don’t think there are any photos of that line.

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    Yvonne Purdy

    This is a link to some lovely local old railway images:


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    Thanks for your responses. Pictures of the Allendale line are like hens teeth! One or two of Langley and Staward but little else
    Thanks for the input. Lots of amazing pics of Hexham Station on the HLHS archive – what a huge busy site it was!

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    philip clark

    The bridge you mention was at Coastley and it crossed the A69.It was taken down in about 1961 or 1962.I have no photos of the line but the fireman on the last train to travel on the line was Davy Dougal.He also drove the last train to go to Newcastle via Scotswood.

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