Hexham (old) Bus Station/Commercial Place query

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    Alan R Hall

    I wonder if anyone can help. Some colleagues and I who follow a particular website dedicated to old (usually ’60s or before) buses, trams and trolleybuses have been trying to date a photograph of the old bus station showing at least one of Cecil Moffit’s buses. We believe we’ve probably got the possible timescale down to 1939-1946 but would like to narrow that down still further if that’s possible.

    The photograph shows, in the background, a café at the top of Commercial Place, in front of and at right-angles to what I call the Abbey Press building – i.e. the whitewashed building above The Coffee Cup which I don’t think is occupied at present.

    This is a long shot, but I wonder if anyone could possibly provide a name for the café during WWII, or immediately prior to, or immediately after, the war. If anyone happened to know the dates between which it functioned as a café, that would be wonderful, but I don’t expect miracles! Any help at all would be really appreciated.

    Thank you.

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    Mark Benjamin

    We know that Refreshment Rooms by Emmerson & Robson existed on the west side of Commercial Place between 1934 and 1955, so I suspect that’s the name you’re looking for!

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    Alan R Hall

    Thank you, Mark. That’s a very great help.

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