Historic commons and common land around Hexham

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    Pete Lee

    Posted on behalf of Dr Marshall:

    I am not a member of Hexham Local History Society but am based in Hexham. As a craftsmen/designer/researcher/academic I am involved in a small research project focused on the parallels between craft and commoning https://commoners.craftspace.co.uk/home/

    I have a question that I hope someone may know the answer to or direct me to a good source of information.

    “What land in and around Hexham has historically been common land, and how and when was this lost to private or other types of ownership?”

    I realise that this may only be answerable within specific time periods (e.g. before and after enclosures), but at this stage it would be good to get a broad sense and ideally identify some map imagery showing historic common lands .

    Dr Justin Marshall AFHEA
    Associate Professor in Design

    e: justin.marshall@northumbria.ac.uk

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