North Lodge Limestone Road

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    I was born at the North Lodge Hexham and would love to find out more about the house .I think it was owned at some point by a Mathew Bigge.
    I would like to find out who built the house ,who lived there,anything really .

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    Jennifer Britton

    I hope these sketchy details will be some help. Working backwards in time:

    In 1939 North Lodge was occupied by a James Robson, a private chauffeur aged 46 (presumably he was working for the occupant of Duke’s House). His wife’s name was Isabel and they had two children Jean and James.

    Going back to the 1911 and 1901 censuses, North Lodge is not identified with that name. I hope I’m right in assuming that on those censuses it was the house named Dukes House Lodge.

    In 1911 it was occupied by William West, a 25 year old gardener born in Sunderland. He was a widower. With him his daughter Margaret aged 1 and servant Annie Hall aged 19.

    In 1901 the occupant was 41 year old John Ellis, also a gardener, born in Yorkshire his wife Mary and children Frederick and Henry.

    There is no Dukes House Lodge apparent on the 1891 census.

    In 1881 it was occupied by Edward Walton a 37 year old woodman, his wife Ann and children Robert, Edward, John and Thomas.

    In 1871 it seems to appear as Dukes Lodge, occupied by 38 year old Joseph Green, yet another gardener, his wife Ann, and children John, Margaret, William and Phillis.

    There is no mention of it in any form on the 1861 census.

    Looking at various old maps there certainly seems to have been a building there since the early 1860’s.

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    Thanks Jennifer that’s really amazing to find out some history about the house!

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