Police Superintendent Robert Taylor

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    Silvie Fisch

    I am looking for information about Robert Taylor. He was Police Superintendent at Hexham during WW1.

    If you have any information, or know where I could find out more about him, I would be most grateful if you could let me know.


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    Jennifer Britton

    On 1939 register (available on Findmypast and Ancestry) there is a Robert H. Taylor, police super[intendant] retired, living at 6, St Cuthbert’s Terrace Hexham. His date of birth is the 28th June 1871, who is quite likely the person you are looking for.

    In 1911 he appears to be living at the Court House, Belford, Northumberland, his occupation Police Inspector, birthplace Bedlington Station
    In 1901 he’s living at the Police Station, Hawthorn Road, Coxlodge, occupation Police Constable, birthplace given as Sleekburn.

    He died late December 1940 aged 70 and was buried Hexham Cemetery 30th December 1940 (Section B 388, unconsecrated). His address given as 6, St Cuthbert’s Terrace, Hexham. On the cemetery register his middle name is given as Henry.

    Possibly there was an obituary in the Hexham Courant, but the microfilms are unavailable for inspection at the moment owing to changes going on at Hexham Library. I will try to get a look at them next week, if that might help?

    Jennifer Britton

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    Silvie Fisch

    Dear Jennifer,

    Thank you so much for your help! If you have time to check the Courant, that would be fantastic. I had a look online at the British Newspaper Archive for an obituary, but no luck.

    He was mentioned a few times, the only information of interest was that he had a stepson, surname Redpath, who was killed in action (7 May 1915, Dardanelles).

    I think Hexham was the 506 police division back then.

    Taylor was a formidable person. During WW1 he went through great lengths to defend innocent enemy aliens. He deserves to be remembered. I have found quite a bit of information about this at Northumberland Archives, and would love to find a photograph of him, for a memory quilt we are currently producing with primary schools.

    Kind regards

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    Mark Benjamin

    Dear Sylvie

    The WWI Voices & Choices project, created last year, might have some relevant information as Taylor’s actions would have come within its remit. Unfortunately, their website appears to no longer exist but, if you email me at enquiry@hexhamhistorian.org, I will give you the contact details of one of the organisers.


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    Silvie Fisch

    Thanks Mark!

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    Jennifer Britton

    Sylvie, there is indeed a brief obituary of Robert Taylor in the Hexham Courant of 4th January 1931.
    There is no mention at all of any work he did in relation to enemy aliens.
    But the good news is that there is a small photograph of him!
    Could you email me via outings@hexhamhistorian.org and I will try to arrange to get a copy to you.

    Jennifer Britton

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