Railway Cottages, Warden.

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    Peter Watts

    Does anyone have any history about Railway Cottages at Warden, please? I discovered that my great-grandfather, John William Oxtoby, was a railway signalman, and lived at No13 Railway Cottages (in the 1901 census) along with his wife and two daughters; one was my grandmother, then aged 4.
    I recently asked people at The Boathouse in Warden who told me that they were renamed Quality Cottages, so I went to have a look, just a few hundred yards up the road going West. What elegant buildings! One was dated 1800, which is too early to have been built for railway employees, but perhaps these buildings were shared dwellings and only got the name Railway Cottages when the line was built to pass very close to them. Or possibly the Railway Cottages were elsewhere and have since been demolished..?
    Might there be any historical records of railway employees at that time? And do we know if there was a signal box at Warden then? Any relevant information, photographs or maps of that period, about 1900 would be much appreciated.

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    yes there was a signal box at Warden. I can not remember when it was closed but it may have been sometime in the 1980’s.
    There was a railway bungalow next to it. Mr. & Mrs. Tully, who were not railway people were the last to live there. There was also another railway cottage in a field, between the railway and the road, so far up the Moss Bank.
    I would think Quality Cottages would belong to the Straker family but I can not be certain.


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    Pete Lee

    There is a photo of the signal box in our photo archive:


    It is dated 1984.

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