Shop(?) behind the Skinners

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    Stu Ferrol

    Hi all

    I’ve often wondered what the building to the right (and slightly behind) the Skinners Arms was as it clearly has a shop front despite now being residential.

    Anyone remember?


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    Pete Lee

    Do you mean the building on the corner – No 1/2 Giles Place, on Gilesgate?

    Take a look at the Gilesgate Gallery in the Photo Archive ( There are a number of images of that building, which I think was originally a Methodist Chapel, as a number of different retail outlets (Burcher grocery store, The Perfect Pantry), and images of its conversion to residential.

    Images of the Skinners Arms (now the Tannery) are also in a separate gallery at:

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    Philip Clark

    Is it not the shop at the bottom of the steps which lead off the Sele.I think I remember it in the late 40’s early 50’s as a second hand shop possibly owned by Irwins

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    Yes that is the one. Interesting about it being a second hand shop. They don’t usually start out as second hand shops so perhaps the mystery still remains?

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