This page tries to capture the galleries that have not yet been tested. If a button exists, that gallery has not been checked.

If you would like to check a particular gallery, please send that gallery name to Pete who can update this page to remove that button.

Buttons for Hexham Choices and Galleries

Adverts Gallery – done by MarkB

Architecture Features – done by Jennifer

Areas – done by Ian

Buildings Gallery – done by Ian

Churches and Chapels – done by Ian

Events – done by Ian

Hospitals & Care Homes – being done by Jennifer

Industry & Transport – being done by Ian

Misc Hexham Gallery – done by Ian

People Gallery – being done by Jennifer

Pubs – done by Ian

Schools – done by Ian

Signs – being done by Jennifer

Buttons for Hexham Architectural Features Galleries – done by Jennifer

Buttons for Hexham Areas Galleries – done by Ian

Buttons for Hexham Buildings Galleries – done by Ian 

Buttons for Hexham Churches and Chapels Galleries – done by Ian.

Buttons for Hexham Events Galleries – done by Ian

Buttons for Hexham Hospitals & Care Homes Galleries

Being done by Jennifer

Buttons for Hexham Industry & Transport Galleries – being done by Ian

Buttons for Hexham Pubs Galleries

Coach & Horses – done by Ian

County Hotel – done by Ian

Flag Ends Inn – done by MarkRG

Fox – done by MarkRG

Globe – done by Ian

Grapes – done by Ian

Heart – done by Ian

Misc Hexham Pubs – done by MarkRG

Old Grey Bull – done by Ian

Queens Arms – done by Ian

Robin Hood – done by MarkRG

Station Hotel – done by MarkRG

Sun Inn – done by MarkRG

Tannery – done by Ian

Tap & Spile – done by MarkRG

White Horse – done by MarkRG

Buttons for Hexham School Galleries – all done by Ian.

Buttons for Hexham Signs Galleries

SIgns being done by Jennifer

Business & Council Signs – done by MarkRG and Jennifer

Developers  – done by Jennifer

Pub Signs – done by Jennifer

Road Signs- done by Jennifer

Wall Signs – done by Jennifer

Buttons for Hexham Street  Choices and Galleries

A69 – done by Ian

Alemouth Road – done by MarkRG

Allendale Road – done by Jennifer

Anick Road – done by MarkRG

Argyle Terrace – done by MarkRG

Back Row – done by Jennifer

Battle Hill – done by Jennifer

Beaumont Street –  done by Jennifer

Broadgate – done by MarkRG

Burn Lane – done by MarkRG

Cattle Market –  done by Jennifer

Causey Hill – being done by Jennifer

Church Row – done by MarkRG

Cockshaw – being done by Jennifer

Corbridge Road – done by Ian

Cowgarth – done by MarkRG

Dean Street – done by Ian

Dipton Mill Road – done by MarkRG

Eastgate – done by Ian

Eilansgate – done by MarkRG

Elvaston – done by MarkRG

Fore Street – being done by Jennifer

Gallows Bank – done by Ian

Gaprigg – done by MarkRG

Gibson Fields- done by MarkRG

Gilesgate – done by Ian

Hallgate – done by MarkRG

Hallstile Bank – being done by Jennifer

Hencotes – done by MarkB

Highford Lane – done by MarkRG

Hudshaw – done by MarkRG

Leazes Lane – done by Jennifer

Loosing Hill – done by Jennifer

Maiden’s Walk gallery – done by Jennifer

Market Place – done by Jennifer

Market Street – done by Jennifer

Meal Market – done by Jennifer

Milfield – done by MarkRG

Old Church – done by MarkRG

Priestpopple – done by Jennifer

Shaftoe Crescent – done by MarkRG

Slaley Road – done by Ian

Tanners Yard – done by MarkRG

Wanless Lane – done by MarkRG

West Road – done by Ian

Windmill Hill – done by MarkRG

Yarridge Road- done by MarkRG

Buttons for Hexham Town Views Galleries  – done by MarkRG

Buttons for Other Places Buildings Galleries

Dilston Castle- done by MarkRG

Langley Castle – done by MarkRG

Ridley Hall – done by MarkRG

Buttons for Other Places Choices and Galleries – Done by Andrea