HLHS Photo Archive

HLHS Photo Archive

The archive’s galleries have been arranged into a number of  levels. Hexham has the greatest coverage, with sub-levels covering its Buildings, Streets and other categorisations (see the tab below), each containing its own gallery, or set of galleries, of images from the archive. 

There are then tabs for Other Buildings and Other Places in the area, and Miscellaneous that contains images that don’t fit anywhere else!

Click on the tabs below to explore – the linked page will open in a new tab in your browser.

Any photograph may, of course, have potentially many categorisations. A photograph included in a particular street gallery may, for example, show various buildings in that street, and some of those buildings may have their own galleries. Thus, if you are looking for a particular building, you might need to search through various street galleries where that building is (or was) situated, as well as the buildings galleries.

Do you have a question or additional information about a particular image? Or have you spotted an error? If you have, why not use the HLHS Photo Archive Forum by clicking on the button.