St Aidan’s Church Gallery

St Aidan’s Church Gallery

Scotch Presbyterian Church, Hencotes

Brief Timeline:

  • 1825: Opened. Architect: John Green, Newcastle. Classical pedimented front with 4 Tuscan pillars.
  • 1831: massive building debts led to a break-away group (see Battle Hill Presbyterian Gallery).
  • 1883: the original congregation, bound to Established Church of Scotland, was down to six and the church was forced to close.
  • Late C19: rented by Abbey as school and parish room.
  • 1902: sold to Battle Hill congregation. Then used for various purposes, including a Robbs furniture depository.
  • 1959: Demolished.

St Aidan’s Church/English Presbyterian Church Hall, Hencotes

Brief Timeline:

  • 1909: Architect: Orwin and Spurgin of Newcastle.
  • 1902: English Presbyterians bought the 1825 Scotch church and then bought the land between it and the Cowgarth Burn; they planned a new church and church hall on the adjoining sites.
  • 1909: Sunday School building and hall opened.
  • 1949: hall used also as a church, a successor to Battle Hill church; church intended for adjacent site of 1825 Scotch church not built.
  • 1952: church dedicated to St. Aidan to mark 250th anniversary of Presbyterian established congregation in Hexham.
  • 1960: converted into dual-purpose church and hall; organ from Battle Hill completely rebuilt here.
  • 1971: United Reformed Church formed nationally from amalgamation of Presbyterian Church of England and Congregational Church.

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