Grapes Gallery

This gallery contains photos of the Grapes pub/inn/hotel in St Mary’s Chare.

Brief Timeline:

  • 1860: An Inn appears on the O.S. map
  • 1888: A large crowd crammed into the Grapes Inn, Hexham, to watch bouts of wrestling. Hex. Cour. 13.12.2013 – 125 Years Ago.
  • 1890s: JA Hedley, Licensed to Retail Ale, Spirits & Wine.
  • 1898: Plans for rebuilding The Grapes public house by Henry EG Wilson, Architects, Newcastle, November 1898. Rebuilt stables and coach house at rear, cellar and two floors. Ground floor consisting of public bar and a wholesale bar, public sitting room, private sitting room, first floor club room, 3 bedrooms and kitchen, bathroom and w.c. off first floor landing. Deposited Building Plans, Northumberland Record Office, NRO 1150 No. 299.
  • 1900: Refurbishment of The Grapes pub. It was reported that the pub had been given a total refit which included a solid walnut bar, a grill room upstairs, and a yard which could accommodate 12-15 horses. Hex. Cour. 17.3.2000.
  • 1913: The Grapes Inn, in St Mary’s Chare, has been re-built. Hex. Cour. 24.5.1913 Gossip and Comment, “Ariel”.
  • 1914: William Ross, Grapes Hotel, 1 Back Street.

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