Fellside Site Gallery

Fellside Site Gallery

This gallery contains photos of the various schools that have occupied the Fellside site to the south of Hexham.

Brief Timeline:

  • 1910: Fellside Grammar School opens, separate schools for boys and girls
  • 1931: Hexham Senior School opens in the newly-build Beaumont Building
  • 1944 – 1966: Senior School renamed as Hexham County Modern School, possibly with Secondary added to the title at some stage
    • 1945: October, advert in Newcastle Journal for Clerk to Governors of Hexham County Modern School  salary £15 per annum
    • 1959: November article in Newcastle Journal, Headteacher of Hexham County Secondary School, welcoming reduction in class sizes from 41 to 29 due to additional classrooms
  • 1965: Grammar school moves to Whetstone Bridge Site. Fellside building still used by first and second year forms
  • 1972: November advert in Newcastle Chronicle for Head of Rural Studies to CSE Mode 3, Hexham Secondary Modern School -“provision for livestock’
  • 1975: First intake of comprehensive (3-tier) system. Hexham children went to Beaumont Middle, and children from outside the town went to Fellside Middle.
  • 1976 – 1982: Secondary school  in Beaumont Building becomes Beaumont County Middle School
  • c1977: Fellside becomes Middle School
  • 1984 – 2021: Fellside and Beaumont Middle Schools merge to become Hexham Middle School
  • 1997/8: Orchard block hosting year 5 expanded
  • 1999: September, uniform changed from red to green after student vote on choice
  • 2021: Fellside site closed and school moved to the Whetstone Bridge site

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