Photo Archive Gallery Information

Photo Archive Gallery Information

When you use any of the Photo Archive galleries you will be presented with an array of thumbnail images of the full images that are in that gallery, presented approximately in year order.

If you hover your mouse pointer (or a touch-screen equivalent of this action) over any of the thumbnails, it will show you a Title (e.g. CD0095) and an explanatory Caption for that image (e.g. 1989: Alemouth Road looking W, Robbs at Tynedale Retail Park garden centre).

The caption is suffixed by a date. For photos this is usually the year in which the photo was taken. Photos of objects (e.g. a map) may use the year of the object. The years will be displayed as:

  1. 1914: when we know the year.
  2. c1910: circa 1910, when we know the approximate year.
  3. c1910?: question marks indicate that we’re not 100% sure of the year.
  4. Pre-xxxx: this prefix indicated that the image must be before the indicated year.
  5. Post-xxxx: this prefix indicates that the image must be after the indicated year.

If you click on any thumbnail you will retrieve the full image. You can move through the set of full images by using the arrow heads on the right- or left-hand side of the full image. If you want to return to the thumbnails, close the full image via the X in the top-right-hand corner

The Title information displayed over the thumbnail may be used to search the full Catalogue in order to see any further information we may have about that image. For photos this information may include the month in which it was taken.

If you have any old photographs of Hexham and the surrounding area that you’d like to donate to the Archive, again please contact us. We would be delighted to hear from you.

Do you have a question or additional information about a particular image? Or have you spotted an error? If you have, why not use the HLHS Photo Archive Forum by clicking on the button.