Test Your Hexham Building Knowledge

October 2019

Another chance to crick your neck when walking around Hexham. Where is this?

September 2019

Which building in Hexham does this detail adorn? A penny for your thoughts?

August 2019

No, we are not on holiday this month. Indeed, not one but 25 tests for you. Click on the image to see a larger version.

July 2019

This is a tough challenge. Can you recognise where this building is? Click on the image to get a full-screen version.

There isn’t much to go on in that picture clue. Click on this tiny image to see a bit more of the building.

June 2019

Where is this an old picture of? A clue: it is in Hexham. Click on the image to get a full-screen version.

May 2019

Which building is this fancy chimney part of?

Is that blue sky real? Was this really Hexham in April 2019? (Yes, and Yes!)

April 2019

Which building does this dated stone plaque appear on?

Not sure? Click on this tiny image to see another picture clue.

Still not sure? Here is a final clue you can click on to see.

March 2019

No, the green cabinet is not the clue. Where is this arched gateway, and what does it lead to?

February 2019

Our intrepid committee members have been out and about again scouring the Hexham skyline for things to test your Hexham building knowledge. Can you identify this building?

Do you want another clue? Click on this tiny image to get it.

January 2019

A straightforward one to start the New Year.

Where is this and what are the remains embedded in the wall?

December 2018

Here is December’s picture test. Is there a Christmas theme? Nope!

Where is this plaque to the poet Wilfred Wilson Gibson situated?

November 2018

Here is November’s picture test. Is this too easy?

October 2018

Here is a first test of your Hexham knowledge. Which building is this a detail from?