Answer April 2023

Answer April 2023

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The clue photo (on the left above or first image) is of St Mary’s Wynd from 1984 looking  NW towards Beaumont Street at the rear of No 9 Beaumont Street, which at the time was WA Temperley & Co, Grain Merchants. The second photo from 1986 shows the building after its conversion to flats (The Granary).

The third photo shows the building in 2020, possibly around April time judging from the blossom on the ground.

Other images are available in the St Mary’s Wynd and Beaumont Street galleries.

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2 thoughts on “Answer April 2023

  1. Really lovely to see some pictures of the corn merchants building. William Angus Temperley was my great great grandfather
    I have a dreadful photo of the front
    Would love a better one!

    1. Have you looked at the Photo Galleries of St Mary’s Wynd and Beaumont Street in the Photo Archive?

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