Answer August 2019

Answer August 2019

25 Hexham “building” tests in a single month! How many did you get?
H: Gate at HMS on the north side of the Beaumont building school yard which should read HGS although the ‘G’ went missing some time ago. 
E: Tourist sign in the Market Place
X: Hexham Town Crest (on planter by the entrance to the park opposite the Queen’s Hall)
H: The old bus station
A: St M’A’ry’s Wynd road sign on Mrs Miggins near the Queen’s Hall
M: Queens Hall Entrance
L: Benches south end of Fore Street
O: Pillory outside Old Gaol
C: Newsagents on Priestpopple (Peggs News)
A: Mr Ants window, Priestpopple
L: Doorway at back of Iceland Shop, St Mary’s Chare
H: Letter H of Queens Hall above entrance
I: Fountain, Market Place
S: Gate at HMS on the north side of the Beaumont building school yard 
T: War Memorial, Abbey Grounds
O: On planter outside the Abbey in the market place
R: ‘R’ of from sign: Beales formerly ‘R’obbs 
Y: is part of the antler of the white hart on the side of Beales (Fore Street) 
S: ‘S’top from bus stop in front of the old bus station
O: Abbey clock
C: Donnies (Bar & ‘C’lub) sign
I: Am’I’gos sign
E: Northumb’E’rland county council logo on parking disk dispenser on Priestpopple
T: ‘T’ynedale Council from a bin, specifically in front of Prospect House but plenty of identical ones are around the centre of the town
Y: St Mary’s Church
Thanks to Mark Runnacles Goodridge for assembling this photo collage.

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  1. I love the picture quiz and think August ‘s is brilliant
    Thank you

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