Answer December 2019

Answer December 2019

The clues show two vents in the roofline of the building at 2 Market Street. The first photo above shows the frontage on Market Street, while the remaining two show the back from Church Row.

Assuming they are vents, their purpose, and why they were needed in that building and not others, is not known. Might it be something to do with a prior use of the building?

If you know any more about this building, please leave a Reply below.

Thanks to Stefan for the photos.





Maybe the vents are useful for parking your sleigh?

Ho, Ho, Ho.

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  1. I am not sure of the time scale for these events. The building is now used by the RAFA who I believe moved there in 1956. It had been a cafe, I think the Palmara, probably not the correct spelling. Also suggested that the Albert Edward had used the building, it is known that they had premises on Market Street but it is not known where. An older member of the club has stated that the building had been a gentleman’s club and there had been a snooker table on the top floor. I have also been told that the building had been a brewery, maybe that was what the ventilation was for. There is a large metal pipe at the rear of the building looking like it is also for ventilation but nobody appears to know. Unless anyone does know ??

  2. It seems the building was used for meetings or assemblies (but as what?) as the very wide bay windows and the more recent rear fire escape suggest.
    I wonder if these are Mr Boyd’s (or A N Other’s) foul-air extractors used on assembly and entertainment halls in the later Victorian period.
    Boyd’s was an Ulster business but there must have been English or Scottish versions. HD

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