Answer December 2021

Answer December 2021

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The clue (left-hand photo) is a c1905 photo of the S side of Battle Hill looking SE from its junction with Beaumont Street. On the left is the curved part of the Primitive Methodist Church building. From the right, Nos 24 and 22 (now demolished and replaced by Gibson House), an Archway (still present and the answer to the December 2018 test), No 20, and No 18 the English/United Presbyterian church. The latter two buildings were the site of the Post Office on Battle Hill, itself now demolished and replaced by Stainthorpe Court.

The middle photo is a slightly later view (c1910) of the S side buildings.

The photo on the right is a 2020 view of approximately the same area. 

The photos are from the Battle Hill Gallery in the Photo Archive. Click here to see the full gallery.

And a Merry Christmas to all of our readers.

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  1. What noble-looking houses!

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