Answer January 2022

Answer January 2022

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The clue (left-hand photo) is the sign to the Billiard Place development, and is on the side wall of No 46 Priestpopple, as can be seen in context in the middle photo. 

The old Billiard Hall, to which the new development owes its name was demolished in 2017. An article in Hexham Historian 30 (2020) discusses the history and excavations of the old Billiard Hall.

The photo on the right shows the entrance in 1978 when Fewsters Motorcycles occupied No 46 and used the old Billiard Hall as a spray shop.

The right-hand photo is from the Priestpopple Gallery in the Photo Archive. Click here to see the full gallery.

We wish all of our readers a Happy New Year.

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