Answer July 2020

Answer July 2020

The plaque in the clue appears on the first floor of the Robbs/Beals/Hexham Outlet/now-vacant building at the south end of Fore Street. As you’ve probably worked out, the plaque is marking the site of the White Hart Inn, which started trading in the early 1800s. The building was demolished in 1927.

You can see some early images of this end of Fore Street in the Fore Street Gallery in the HLHS Photo Archive.

(Note: The Photo Archive is being developed further, so if you try to access the gallery and it is not available, please watch out for its re-release.)

This part of Hexham has had a long but interesting history, which just happens to be the subject of an article which (at the time of this test) will appear in the upcoming Hexham Historian (30) that HLHS members will be receiving.

If you have any thoughts or knowledge about the building, please contact us, or use the “Comment” section below.

Thanks to Stefan for the images.

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