Answer May 2023

Answer May 2023

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The clue photo (on the left above or first image) is of No 27/28 Market Place from 1911 looking N. The second photo shows the same building in 1997.

Why was the building decorated in 1911? For the coronation of George V (22 June 1911). Are the flags coming out this month for the coronation of Charles III?

The third photo shows a march in Warden and Newbrough also celebrating George V’s coronation.

Other images of the Market Place buildings are available in the Market Place gallery.

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  1. Ahh, yes… Gillies the Ironmonger. An Aladdin’s cave. In the 1950’s a 12-year old could buy a large bag of carbide for a few pennies of pocket money, not to fuel a miner’s lamp but to add to water in empty screw-top lemonade bottles, for spectacular explosions! Those were the days…

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