Answer October 2021

Answer October 2021

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The clue (the image on the left) is a c1900 photo looking down the Nick that runs E from Broadgates past the old Ropery to Argyle Terrace. The old Broadgates Chapel (now Broadgates House) is on the right of that image. The photo on the right is from September 2021 showing the modern-day equivalent view. The carts have apparently been moved, possibly because of the restricted parking?

The images are from the Broadgates Chapel Gallery in the Photo Archive. Click here to see the full gallery.

2 thoughts on “Answer October 2021

  1. The lane the carts is Ropery Lane

  2. Fantastic photo! And: Well, it’s the Old Congregational Church of course! 😀

    I had no idea where that is/was, but on seeing the answer, I was able to say “I _thought_ that was where it is!”. Which just goes to show that when doing a quiz you should always have a guess, even if you haven’t a clue.

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