Answer September 2023

Answer September 2023

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The clue photo (on the left above or first image) is pre-1890 looking from Priestpopple W across Cattle Market to Battle Hill. The S end of Fore Street is on the right-hand side, and the junction with Eastgate opposite it. The second image shows roughly the same scene in August 2023, with the temporary one-way system operating along Battle Hill and Priestpopple because of the building renovations on Battle Hill (and the Priestpopple redevelopment). Definitely fewer horses visible in 2023!

Other images of Cattle Market are available in the Cattle Market gallery.

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  1. Isnt it great … just being able to stand in the road like that ! Should pedestrianise the whole of Hexham, take out the horrible tarmac & use shuttle busses.

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