Answer Feb 2019

The building is up Broadgates (off Priestpopple), at the west end of the Ropery buildings and the M&S car park.

According to information provided by Colin Dallison, the building originally was the Independents, Ebenezer Chapel, The Fold, Broadgates.  Independents wanted free self-governing congregations, opposed to any connection between church and state:

  • 1785: formed by Protestant Dissenters who met in Globe Inn yard.
  • 1787: built this chapel.
  • 1810: Sunday School founded, with the school at east end; later Dr. Joseph Parker was a teacher. 
  • 1812: floor of chapel boarded, gallery erected. 
  • 1825: vestry added.
  • 1852: Sunday School-room doubled in size.
  • 1869  closed, when congregation, then called Congregationalists, moved to Hencotes .

Later a steam-operated corn mill operated in the building, which was presumably the reason for the hoist shown above (in the middle of the building, above the black doors).

Now the building hosts an electrical retailer.