A Walk Back In Time: A Guide to Hexham (Download)


John Chapman, A Walk Back In Time – A Guide to Hexham.

Are you  looking for a walking guide to the central core of Hexham, describing building styles and dates? If you are, this downloadable PDF, that can be viewed on mobile devices, could be for you.

The first edition of this booklet describing Hexham’s buildings and architectures was published by Dr John Chapman around 2004. Dr Chapman passed away in 2014, and with the kind permission of his family, this second edition has been produced and issued by the Society.

It is remarkable that most of the booklet’s detail is still relevant. The original words, especially the technical details, have been retained almost entirely without change. The delightful hand-drawn illustrations have also been retained. Inevitably, some alterations in Hexham have occurred since the booklet’s first publication, such as changes to the occupancy of a shop or a building’s usage. Thus, minor alterations have been made to the original text to bring it more up-to-date and to improve its usefulness as a walking guide.

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Downloadable PDF: 1.8MB.
PP: 47 pages, 89 B+W Illustrations
Hexham Local History Society (2019)

John Chapman, A Walk Back In Time – A Guide to Hexham.