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Test page


Welcome to the HLHS Photo Archive

The archive contains a large number of old and historic photographs of Hexham and the surrounding area. 

The archive has been categorised into a number of Galleries, the images in which can be seen as thumbnails in the many gallery pages accessible below. Clicking on any thumbnail will display the image in its full size. 

Some random photos ….

The majority of the images have been scanned from original postcards or slides at 300 dpi. Thus some images unavoidably show some pixellation effects, particularly at magnified level.

Archive Catalogue

All of the images in the archive will be catalogued, containing links to the images together with any additional details there are about each image. 

This is still work-in-progress …

And Finally

We are particularly grateful to Colin Dallison who has donated his collection of postcards and slides to the Society.

If you want to let us know of any errors, or wish to add some detail to a particular photo, please get in touch with us (e.g. the webmaster) via the Contacts Page, or use the Notes and Queries forum.

If you have any photographs or digital images of Hexham and surrounding areas that you are willing to donate to the HLHS Photo Archive, please get in touch with us – details on the Contacts page.