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The Society was founded in 1966 and is now the largest local history society in Northumberland. With over 250 current members, regular newsletters and publications, a series of talks and organised excursions, HLHS has much to offer anyone interested in Hexham and its history. Please see further details below and elsewhere in the web site.

Next Talk

Tuesday 11 September

Featherstone Park POW Camp 18

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Hexham is an old town with many phases of development. Exploring these developments and other aspects of the town’s history is of course the primary concern of HLHS members. Explore the Historic Hexham section of the web site to find out more.

HLHS Membership

Interested in finding more about the Hexham Local History Society and what it has to offer? Why not explore The Society section of the web site, which includes details of how you can become a member.

Talks and Events

The HLHS runs an active series of evening talks during the year, with presentations given on historical topics of interest by a variety of invited experts including academics, authors and members of the HLHS. Talks are open to non-members of the HLHS (for a small fee), and you will have a chance to meet and have a cup of coffee or tea with HLHS members.

Details of past talks and this year programme can be found in the Talks & Events section of the web site.

Hexham is surrounded by sites of historical interest, and the Society organises trips to sites during the summer months.Transport is often part of the organisation, albeit in a more modern form of transport than that shown in the image. Details of this year’s programme of visits is available in the Talks & Events section of the web site (but if you are reading this after August you are too late!).

Trips are open to non-members if space permits.

Book Shop

HLHS publishes occasional books associated with Hexham and its history. These are available (e.g. for purchase or download) in the Book Shop section of the web site, along with back issues of the Society’s Hexham Historian that is published yearly.

Notes and Queries Forum
Do you have a query relating to the Hexham area? Why not post your question to our Notes & Queries forum. Maybe our members or other visitors to the site might have an answer for you. (You do not have to be a member – need to check this)

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