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Pete Lee

Have you checked the Photo Archive on the HLHS website for relevant old photos (e.g. of the old grammar school)?

We have some notes about Hexham’s Soup Kitchen compiled by a past chairman of the Sociery (Colin Dallison). These notes will eventually apppear somewhere on the website, but for your information:

There was much poverty in Hexham during the 19th century. Figures are hard to come
by but a kind of quantitative measure is given by the amount of soup consumed from the
Soup Kitchen, a charitable venture that came into operation in the very cold weather. The
Heart of All England, Hexham L.H.S. 2005, p.84.
1865. Hexham soup kitchen opened to provided(sic) sustenance for the poor, but
subscriptions to the charity has been so disappointing it was only expected to remain open
for a short duration. Hex. Cour. 6.2.2015 – 150 Years Ago.
1871. Hexham soup kitchen open to paupers twice a week. Hex. Cour. Cent. Supp. 1964, p.8.
1879. After seven weeks of almost continuous frost, the Hexham Soup Kitchen, which
operated three days per week, was forced to stop giving away bread with broth, reserving it
for only the most needy cases. Hex. Cour. 23.1.2004 – 125 Years Ago.
Hexham soup kitchen distributed 22,507 quarts of soup and 16,836 loaves of bread. Hex.
Cour. Cent. Supp. 1964, p.8.
1882. A soup kitchen opened in Hexham to help feed families suffering during a severe
snowstorm. Hex. Cour. 7.12.2007 – 125 Years Ago.
A total of 1,250 quarts of soup were served by volunteers manning a soup kitchen in
Hexham. Hex. Cour. 21.12.2007 – 125 Years Ago.
1886. A soup kitchen was opened in Hexham, providing over 700 quarts of soup, on sale
at a penny a quart. Hex. Cour. 14.1.2011 – 125 Years Ago.
As the cold weather showed no sign of relenting, a soup kitchen remained open for a third
week in Hexham, serving an average of 650 quarts a day. Hex. Cour. 11.2.2011 – 125 Years Ago. Almost 2,000 quarts of soup made in the Hexham soup kitchen were distributed in a week
as freezing conditions continued. Hex. Cour. 25.2.2011 – 125 Years Ago.
1887. The soup kitchen in Hexham’s Market Place opened for the first time in the winter,
serving over 17 gallons of soup to the needy. Hex. Cour. 28.12.2012 – 125 Years Ago.
1888. The twice weekly Hexham soup kitchen was facing closure because of lack of
funds. Hex. Cour. 15.2.2013 – 125 Years Ago.
The soup kitchen opened in Hexham Market Place for the first time in the winter. Hex. Cour.
27.12.2013 – 125 Years Ago.
1890. Soup kitchen for unemployed opened in Hexham. Hex. Cour. Cen. Supp. 1964, p.8.
1891. On Saturday morning the Soup Kitchen in Market Street was opened and between
600 and 700 quarts of nutritious soup was distributed. On Wednesday morning, the kitchen
was again opened, the quantity being about 600 quarts. This was rather below the average
in consequence of the free dinner given the same day by Mr & Mrs C. E. Straker of High
Warden. The demand was, however, in excess of supply, a few applicants having to be
sent empty away. The distribution was by ticket so the quantities received by each one
might bear some proportion to the needs of their respective families. The tickets were
distributed by Mr J. P. Gibson (who takes a very warm interest in this deserving charitable
institution), while Mr Thos. Rowell (the hon. Treasurer) took the pence paid for the soup.
The kitchen will be open again this morning. (HC 3 January 1891) The Heart of All England, Hexham
L.H.S. 2005, p.84.
1892. Hexham’s soup kitchen made 640 quarts in one day. The soup was readily disposed
of at a penny a quart. Hex. Cour. 29.12.2017, p.20 – 125 Years Ago.
1902. The cold weather was so severe that many outdoor workers had to be laid off and a
special soup kitchen was opened at Hexham and distributed 750 quarts on one morning, and
850 quarts the next. Hex. Cour. 15.2.2002 – 100 Years Ago.
1905. The soup kitchen in Hexham was opened and 684 quarts of soup were prepared.
There was a great demand and a much larger quantity could have been disposed of. Hex. Cour.
21.1.2005 – 100 Years Ago.
More than 750 quarts of soup were distributed from the soup kitchen on Market Street,
Hexham. Hex. Cour. 28.1.2005 – 100 Years Ago. 1910. Owing to the severe winter weather and growing unemployment, the soup kitchen
in Market Street, Hexham, was re-opened. Hex. Cour. 5.2.2010 – 100 Years Ago.
1995. Rowley Charlton, director of Matthew Charlton & Sons, showed me a Soup
Kitchen token in his museum at Matthew Charlton’s, Station Road. CND, 19 Dec. 1995.
Hexham Museum staff, Flora Fairbairn, had one token in the Moot Hall museum.
She had seen a photo of about 7 tokens – ?in the County Record Office? CND, 20 Dec. 1995.

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