The Making of the HEXHAMSHIRE LANDSCAPE: Greg Finch


Greg Finch, The Making of the Hexhamshire Landscape

Hexhamshire is today a quiet and beautiful pastoral corner of the Northumbrian landscape between the Tyne valley and the North Pennine fells. However, poised between lowland and highland, it has seen great changes over thousands of years in how people have used its resources and left their mark.

This fascinating new history of the ‘Shire’s’ landscape, the product of extensive research, charts  the broad sweep of its history from the last ice age to the present day and is lavishly illustrated with maps and photographs.

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Paperback: vi + 127pp, 110 maps, illustrations and photographs+ illustrations and figures
Publisher: Hexham Local History Society (November 2022)
ISBN: 978-0-9565078-8-4

Greg Finch, The Making of the Hexhamshire Landscape